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The world of Planning is concerned with granting or refusing valuable permission to develop land,  to extend or alter the appearance of buildings,  or to change their use.  It is NOT concerned with the structural quality of the building. So if it falls down,  that’s a Building Control issue. But both are administered by your local Council.
A fuller description of how to design your extension to fit with local planning requirements is provided in the Haynes Manual. But here are some common questions:-


U P D A T E . . .


Without the intervention of the Local Planning Authority (LPA) immunity from enforcement action can be acquired after a period of time has elapsed. This is referred to as the Four Year Rule and Ten Year Rule and is applicable as follows:

Ten Years - change of use of land or breach of planning conditions

Four years - development (i.e. building works) that is substantially complete; or the use of a building, or part of a building, as a dwelling house

In most cases if four years have passed since construction, unless the change of use is by itself having an adverse impact, one would hope the authority would not consider it expedient to take action - but that is up to them.

Note that the ‘second bite’ rule allows an LA to take further enforcement action outside the usual four and ten-year limits – provided the LA has already tried to take enforcement action within those initial time limits.


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