Buildings insurance

    Remember that if your house gets bigger then so will your insurance premium. In fact, no lender will agree to give you a mortgage without buildings insurance. If you are the freeholder (you own the building and the land that it stands on), it is your responsibility to arrange the building insurance.

    If  you are a leaseholder (which usually means you live in a block of flats) it is the responsibility of the freeholder to arrange the building insurance, so ensure they have done this.

    Five ways to protect your home

    Keeping your home safe should be of great importance to every houseowner Ė after all, not only is it the most expensive purchase you are ever likely to make, but it is where you and your family will live and should feel safe. In this short guide, we will offer a few different things you can do to keep your home extra safe.

    Change the locks

    If youíve just moved into a new home, you donít know how many people there are with a key for the locks you currently have Ė if the home is old and the locks have never been replaced, there are probably several extra keys around somewhere.

    Fit security lights

    Security lights are a great deterrent for burglars; not only does it illuminate them and make them more visible, but they also indicate that the owners of the home take security seriously.

    Install uPVC doors

    Although they might not look great if you live in a period property (many people consider them ugly), uPVC doors are a great deal more secure than wooden exterior doors. The majority of uPVC doors feature multipoint locks, where the door makes contact with the frame in six different places in order to maximise security.

    Fit an alarm

    Of course, burglars can be a determined bunch, and if they decide that gaining access to your home is worth the risks, they will likely find a way in. Should that happen, a decent quality alarm is your best bet for attempting to deter them. Burglars are statistically more likely to not target a home with visible signs of an alarm (Many companies provide stickers or signage with their products)

    Join a neighbourhood watch

    Being part of a neighbourhood watch scheme is a great idea; not only can it save you money on your insurance and keep you safe and gain cheaper home insurance quotes, it is a great way to get involved with your local community. If there isnít a neighbourhood watch scheme in your area, why not start one?

    Of course, there is more than one reason to increase the security in your home. Doing so can shrink your home insurance premiums, make you less likely to be burgled, introduce you to members of the community you may never have spoken to before, and perhaps most importantly, keep you safe. It can be an expensive outlay initially, but itís well worth the money for the peace of mind it provides.






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